"If you want more stamina and more power on the bike, as well as more all-round fitness, sign up to one of Daniel Clifford’s programs. I’ve used two in the past year. Both did exactly what they’re supposed to do: improve your bike performance. There’s no fuss - just follow the simple instructions you get every week, which is great, if, like me, you’re baffled by technical data and statistics. Stick with the program and you'll see the benefits quickly. The core program and strength work were hugely beneficial too and there’s plenty of backup and personal contact when you need it. I’m not a racer. I just like cycling at the best level I can. Daniel’s programs made that a lot easier."

Colin Lacey, Chain Gang, Tralee

"I started Dan’s winter base training plan in Oct 2015. I knew little about road racing and even less about how I should be training for it. With 3 days in the bike and 2 in the gym I found the training plan very thorough, flexible and most importantly enjoyable. Layout was clear and easy to follow compared to other plans I had seen online. I never lifted weights before and Dan’s instructional videos ensured I used the correct technique to avoid injury. If i had any question a quick message to Dan and he got back to me almost immediately. By Christmas I was fitter, stronger and more confident on the bike. I moved onto Dan’s build program in Jan. An extra day on bike and 1 less in gym. Still managing to fit it around a job, wife and 2 kids. I went out in my first race at end of Feb confident that I could do well and ended up winning it. I followed it up the following week with a 2nd place. Goals achieved in first 2 races thanks to Dan’s plans."

Adrian Kirby

"For me personally I found Daniels training by far the best I have done to date. For someone who has always struggled with injuries I have always found it to be hard to find the right exercises to do that wouldn’t cause more damage. I found Daniel to be very helpful when it came to this. Thanks for all you help Daniel"

Mike Wade

"I just got an official time for yesterdays Etape 2hours 57. That’s really given me a boost in confidence as that is a PB for me"

Michael Walshe

"I can really feel a difference going up hills already. I feel I engage my core so much more than before and this in turn makes the hills easier. I’m delight to see the benefits of the core exercises already"

Jackie Dermody

"Really enjoying it. I’ve realised I wasn’t training before, just pedalling. Makes a heck of a difference. Fair play to you Daniel."

Eddie Conroy

"Felt good and little faster, the core work was easier. All in all felt stronger. I don’t feel as tired afterward’s.
Its great having feedback and someone looking over your shoulder. Makes you work harder especially when you train on your own. The first week taught me I wasn’t training enough to make gains. Structured training is great for me"

Ronan Woods

"Really enjoying the structure, cant wait for next week already. Great job you are doing. Totally different to what I was doing, going flat out on the bike every time I got on the bike."

David O’Connell

"The nutrition advice is really working as the pounds are starting to shift despite eating more than usual."

Padraic Keveney

"Did 70km tonight and felt incredible! I have to say I am delighted with the results so far- so thanks a lot."

Colin Lacey

"59km fair amount of hills in it, 29average, felt good, nutrition I find very good. Tonight I feel stronger than normal, really enjoying the program. Great program, lots of information from Daniel and great input from everyone. I think we will all see great results at the end."

Damien Mc Elhinney

"Delighted with the program so far, amazing what eating proper foods at the right times can do for you."

Jonathon McCarthy

"Did 44km tonight same as Sunday 1.6k faster!!"

Brendan Nally

"Did 32 km this evening, flat route for sprints, delighted my average was up."

Nora O’Connor

"What I aimed for on the program has already come quicker than I thought. I am already down 1stone fat loss plus I have gained more muscle on my legs and strength. I have developed into a good strong training group and `I can get more mileage and work done faster” “Recovery is much improving and endurance on hill is coming to me, legs definitely strengthening too, can’t believe how quickly it all comes together. Nutrition is working absolutely amazing, definitely a massive roll in it. Thanks to Dan."

Paul Slattery

"Did my spin this evening, felt good, even managed to climb hills I couldn’t do before with out stopping. I was well pleased with myself, core not too bad, all in all im loving it thank you."

George Hewitt

"All is going good and I am feeling good on and off the bike. The core is bringing back memories of my GAA days, the benefits are huge in many respects not least injury prevention, Excellent program."

Ray Tubman

"Down 2kg this week, love the recipes."

Shay Davern