Our beginner plan is ideal for any beginner or occasional cyclist looking to get faster & stronger for a charity cycle or event. This plan requires 3-4 sessions cycling per week with optional home core workouts. (total weekly training 3-5hrs)

Are you new to cycling or trying to get fit for an event? Would you like to take the guess work out of your training to insure you are in the best shape for your event? Would you like to improve stamina and get stronger on the hills? This beginners plan is flexible and simple to follow. It is designed specifically to make you a stronger, faster and fitter cyclist so you get the most return from your effort.



Our intermediate plan is ideal for any cyclists who are already training and looking to get strong for sportive events or even competitive in races. This plan requires 4 days cycling per week with additional home core workouts. (5-7hrs)

Are you currently training but feel like you are making very slow progress? Are you lacking the structure of a periodized program and advice from a coach? Would you like to get more clarity around your training and improve your power output (FTP) on the bike? This intermediate plan was designed to give you everything you need to achieve while also keeping your training enjoyable.



Our advanced plan is ideal for any cyclist currently training 7-9hrs per week and trying to be competitive in sportive events or hard road races.

Are you currently training hard but unsure of what you are actually doing? Are you lacking the structure of a proven periodized program and communication with a coach? This program has been designed to improve your functional threshold so you produce more power on the flat and climbs. If you goal is to be able to ride are in a small group or be a leader on the climbs this is for you.