“Our mission is to help cyclists of all levels get fitter, faster, stronger and healthier. We do this by delivering simple, high quality, step by step programs & video tutorials to completely remove the guess work from your training. We also have an online member’s area where you can communicate with your coach and the rest of our community. Whether you are
completely new to cycling or want to race competitively we are here to help you”


Cycling Performance Coaching was founded by former Irish international and 3rd division professional cyclist Daniel Clifford. In recent years Daniel experienced a lot of people requesting advice to improve their cycling. The majority of coaching available was 1-1 which was unnecessary and most importantly too expensive for the majority of people. There was also an over emphasis on complicated training methods when all most people needed was to focus on simple training principles, nutrition and strength & conditioning exercises.

Early 2015 Cycling Performance Coaching launched a 28day Kick-start program which signed a community of nearly 100 beginners, intermediate and advanced cyclists nationally. The program was a huge success delivering exactly what people needed to progress. Since then CPC has continued to service and educate its community as well as building relationships
with their clients.


Daniel began racing at the ripe age of 10. It wasn’t until later years he started taking cycling serious. At 17 he moved to Belgium to race as part of the Sean Kelly Cycling Academy. Daniel has represented Ireland from underage all the way through to Elite level. Despite years of bad luck through Injuries he has competed in several counties around the world and taken a string of top 10 results in professional races from Asia to America. Daniel has also trained, raced and been surrounded by professional’s who now compete top level of cycling today.

In 2013 after having to give up on his dream due to a career ending injury he turned his focus to helping people. Daniel started studying health & fitness and went on to open his own gym where he helped hundreds of clients reach their goals.