Take the guess work out of your training

Are you training for a charity event, competitive racing or fitness in general? Would you like to know the exact training you should be doing to get faster? Would you like to take all the guess work out of your training and have support from a coach every step of the way?

My name is Daniel Clifford I am an ex Irish International cyclist turned cycling coach. I have built this system to help you get faster, stronger and more comfortable on your bike so you get the most from your cycling.

I have been involved in cycling nearly 20 years and have worked with some of the top nutritionist, physiotherapist and coaches around the world.

When it comes to improving your cycling performance- core stability, strength training and nutrition is all as beneficial as riding the bike.

This system uses the best of all these programs and combines them into one simple to follow plan so you know exactly what you need to do every step of the way.

How it works?

When you sign up to one of our programs you will create a login code and have access to the membership area. The members area includes your structured program and video tutorials on stretching, core workout, nutrition and lots of other extras. You will also be included into our private member’s forum where you will be able to interact with a coach and other members on the same journey. There is no contracts, you are free to cancel when you wish.



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Cycling Training

All our cycling programs are structured and easy to follow. They can be used with or without heart rate or power meters. Our programs are designed to give you maximum reward for your effort, while keeping it enjoyable.


All our programs include nutrition guidelines to help educate you on the best foods to eat pre, post and during your training sessions. Nutrition is key for fat loss and cycling performance.

Stretching & Mobility

Stretching & Mobility is key to achieving a comfortable and injury free bike position. It also aids muscle recovery and reduces back pain which is a common compliant for cyclist.

Strength & Core

With people becoming less physically active strength & core training is essential to everyone not only cyclists. Strength training has a huge part to play in keeping you free from injuries, it also improves comfort and performance on and off the bike.

Support & Accountability

We provide expert support and accountability for all our members. We understand how important it is to have support and questions answered along the way. Our private Facebook group allows you to interact with others on the same journey.

Bike set up

One of the most important aspects of cycling is having a correct bike position. This eliminates risk of injuries and improves overall performance. In our membership area we provide information on basic bike set up to get you on the road.


Colin Lacey, Chain Gang, Tralee
Colin Lacey, Chain Gang, Tralee

"If you want more stamina and more power on the bike, as well as more all-round fitness, sign up to one of Daniel Clifford’s programs. I’ve used two in the past year. Both did exactly what they’re supposed to do: improve your bike performance. There’s no fuss - just follow the simple instructions you get every week, which is great, if, like me, you’re baffled by technical data and statistics. Stick with the program and you'll see the benefits quickly. The core program and strength work were hugely beneficial too and there’s plenty of backup and personal contact when you need it. I’m not a racer. I just like cycling at the best level I can. Daniel’s programs made that a lot easier."

Adrian Kirby
Adrian Kirby

"I started Dan’s winter base training plan in Oct 2015. I knew little about road racing and even less about how I should be training for it. With 3 days in the bike and 2 in the gym I found the training plan very thorough, flexible and most importantly enjoyable. Layout was clear and easy to follow compared to other plans I had seen online. I never lifted weights before and Dan’s instructional videos ensured I used the correct technique to avoid injury. If i had any question a quick message to Dan and he got back to me almost immediately. By Christmas I was fitter, stronger and more confident on the bike. I moved onto Dan’s build program in Jan. An extra day on bike and 1 less in gym. Still managing to fit it around a job, wife and 2 kids. I went out in my first race at end of Feb confident that I could do well and ended up winning it. I followed it up the following week with a 2nd place. Goals achieved in first 2 races thanks to Dan’s plans."